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Frequently asked questions


About us

Who is Trueside?

Trueside is a bunch of young people that are close to modern technologies and online marketing. Trueside consists of account managers, social networks managers, creatives, graphic designers and videomakers. Each member of Trueside team, thanks to their specialization and expertise, contributes to Trueside’s ability to provide comprehensive services and the results are always high-quality, original and attractive for given purpose.

Which services can we provide?

We are focused on influencer marketing, social media management, creating content, video-production and photo services.

Why use services of creative agency and not solve everything inhouse or with a help of freelancers?

Creative agencies have many suitable employees who have passion for their work, are creative and have long-term experiences and therefore they will do a great job. When someone of company starts to pursue this department, he/she spends much more time on that and, as result, it is more expensive than i fit has been done by expert in this department or an agency. At the same time the result could be unprofessional because concerned person does not have enough experiences. At the same time, the concerned person will neglect his/her current job as he/she will have less time for it, which is not effective and sustainable in the long term.

In which way are we different out of other creative agencies?

One of the reason, why are we different is personal and for client approach, thanks to that we are able to comunicate effectively with clients and fullfill and satisfy their wishes and ideas. At the same time we know how to adapt to dynamic enviroment of marketing and quickly react to news that comes not only on social networks.

Can we help your company/brand?

Definitely yes! Do you need to help with promotion of your product/service, brand or do you want to start use potential of social networks efficiently? Our account managers and project managers will help you to find right solution and take care of their realization according to preset goals.

How much do you pay for our services?

You will not find prices for our services in some sort of price list because price is influenced by many factors. For campaigns using influencer marketing are the factors for example: choosen influencers, amount of involved influencers, content fulfillment (amount of posts in campaign), duration of campaign etc. 
For social media management and making content the price is influenced by these for example: type of video/photo, used equipment and technologies, actors, locations etc.
For each campaign proposal we take into account all of your wishes and needs, according to that we create the whole flow and price offer, that reflects what you as a client will receive.

Social networks management

Is it worth to use social networks for brand promotion?

We are convinced, that if your clients use the internet for their consumer behavior, the social networking is essential for you. The main purpose of profiles and channels on social networks is to stay in touch with your existing customers, provide informations about news, increase brand awareness, and last but not least, to attract new customers.

How often we will post content on your social networks?

There is no unambiguous answer for this question. Everything depends on set strategy, possibilities, type and range of cooperation. It is always about consistent and, above all, high quality content, that has as goal to address existing customers same as the new ones.

What if you do not have any social networks at all?

We will create profiles on social media which are relevant for you, devise an interesting communication strategy and then prepare the profiles on both the graphic and the content (text) sides.

Influencer marketing

Why is influencer marketing so effective and why should it be in your marketing communication?

The reason, why is influencer marketing so effective and necessary is high rate of authenticity combinated with personal recommendations. People are easier to accept product or service recommendations from someone they know and trust. Influencers are watched by large number of fans, who identify and look up to them. Using the influencer marketing, we can effectively address both, the younger generation which does not spend much of its free time watching television or reading books but on social networks by watching their favorites, as well as the older target group that is beginning to use social networks in their everyday life much more then ever before.

Why should you invest into influencer marketing, if you think that the influencers create poor quality videos with uninteresting content?

It is always necessary to realize that altough the client has the last word when approving the content to publish on social networks, he/she is rarely the target group of the influencer. In addition, the quality of video footage published by influencers is a very subjective evaluation based on personal preferences. That means if you do not like the final video or another different post, it does not mean that the target group will perceive it in same way as you do.

Why do some viewers negatively rate some influencers?

As it has been said above, each influencer have his own unique personality and content, and the quality of influencers content is very subjective. Some negative responses are also a product of envy or, for example, a distorted expression of loyalty to another influencer. In most cases is ignoring these haters the best you can do, as their comments are not a constructive critique at all.

Are Influencers watched only by children and youngs?

The reason, why there are mostly children and younger generation on events is that this target group have the biggest needs to meet and greet with influencers. They want to get their signature, photography with them or just to hug them. Older fans who are about 20 years old does not have this need so high and they take influencer more like source of inspiration (fashion, lifestyle, traveling) and entertainment.

Are influencer’s fans same as Influencer

There is no unambiguous answer for this question. It depends on many circumstances. People watch influencers for inspiration, entertainment or to learn something new. If viewers get back to influencer‘s videos regularly, it means they like content of videos or image of influencer. The most part of audience follow more than just one influencer, often from different genres, so it is impossible to tell at what level they are identified with influencers.

It also depends on age of viewers. Usually, younger viewers most identify with the influencers and try to get closer to them, both physically (participation in public events) and way of thinking. On the other side, for audiences over 20, their personal identity is mostly more developed and identification with influencers is not so significant.

How does the reporting work?

Not only during but even after the campaign ends you will have access to our client and project interface, where you can track the progress of your campaign in real time. All the necessary statistics and information are always at your fingertips. It is very important for us, that the client has an overview of the progress and results of the campaign, so after the campaign ends, we create a detailed report gathering all relevant data and information about the campaign, comparison with the set goals and overall success analysis.


An influencer is a person / entity that affects a certain group of people


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Chief executive officer


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Strategic driver

The person who shapes the company's strategy and procedures

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The person that creates creative methods, and above all great ideas.