Influencer Marketing

In a unique and efficient way

We will completely prepare, implement and evaluate everything for you. Our goal is to get your brand into the search engines of new customers while saving you time and money.

Campaigns with influencers

We will completely prepare, implement and evaluate everything for you. Our goal is to get your brand into the search engines of new customers while saving you time and money.

Influencer marketing activities

Would you like to take cooperation with influencers to the next level in the form of a long-term partnership? We will take care of everything for you.

How does it work

Why us and influencers?

Do you want to increase awareness of your brand, fan base on your social media profiles, increase traffic to your website, get new registrations or sell more products? If so, you are in the right place. Nowadays, influencer marketing campaigns are the most authentic type of marketing communication and at the same time a cost effective way to achieve your goals.

Creative processing and setting the campaign strategy

Cooperation with influencers offers many possibilities and variants. Thanks to many years of experience and know-how, we can create the most effective options of communication with the involvement of the most suitable influencers.

We will prepare, implement and evaluate everything

We will find the most suitable channels for you, we will come up with the creative concept of communication, we will ensure that the message reaches the target audience and at the same time that we achieve the set KPI`s.

We will connect your brand with the right influencers

Thanks to great relationships with influencers and knowledge of their personality, content, past and future plans, we know which influencer is most suitable for a particular brand/campaign.

Unique client and infuencer interface

A unique interface that allows clients and influencers to have all real-time campaign information and statistics always at your fingertips on all devices.

Which influencers do we cooperate with?

Did you know?

Interesting facts about influencer marketing.


80 % of marketing managers find influencer marketing to be an effective


89 % of marketing managers stated that ROI is greater or comparable to other marketing channels


71 % of marketing managers think that the quality of customers gained from influencer marketing campaigns is better than from other sources

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing that focuses on working with influential people, or influencers, to drive your brand’s message to a targeted audience, today is primarily on social media. These influential personalities, or influencers, very often have huge fan bases on their social media profiles, who follow them, because they enjoy their work and the influencers inspire them. Influencers can communicate with their fans very well - the most important thing here is the authenticity and trustworthiness of the communication.

At this time, influencer marketing is considered to be one of the most effective marketing communication tools for Increasing brand and product awareness, Increasing the fan base on social networks, but also for selling products or obtaining other conversions (application download, registration, etc.). Very important here is the creativity of the campaign, used mechanics of communication within and outside social networks, the right choice of influencers and last but not least, the setting of measurable and non-measurable goals that the campaign should achieve.

Influencers are divided into several groups according to their focus and content (eg: fashion, lifestyle, funny content, gaming, blogs, maternity, etc.), target groups (age and gender) – for which they create or address with their content, and the platforms (social networks) on which they publish their content. Through influencers, we can target or very effectively address both the younger target group (13 to 17 years old), millennials (18 to 24 years old) and older audience (25+ years old) who spend more and more time on social media.

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